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Filled with anger.

Larchmont in Hollywood is a delightful little street that is a nice change from what you would typically consider Holywood to be. There are some great restaurants and shops that usually treat me pretty well. My most recent visit to that street, however, only led me to a meal of disappointment. This came at the hands of the Avocado Grill, a pretty simple Mexican place that reminded me a bit of places like Qdoba.

At first it seemed like I had come at a great time. They were still serving breakfast and Mexican breakfast usually pleases me. I was torn between their quesadilla and burrito, but ultimately made the mistake of ordering the burrito. This went against my better judgment because the quesadilla came with meat, while the burrito did not. Yet, neither came with vegetables, and I was looking for something light. I ordered my burrito, took my number and then took a seat to wait for breakfast.

When the burrito came, it looked just as I had expected, but when I bit into the thing, I nearly vomited with disgust. In my mouth were giant bits and pieces of tomatoes and onions, the core of pico de gallo, which was not listed in their ingredients! Afterward, I set dismantling the burrito to get all these unwanted invaders out, which was no easy task. I’d never seen so many tomatoes and onions stuffed in one little tortilla shell. By the time I finished, there was little left of the burrito. I suppose I got the light meal I wanted, but one much lighter than I had hoped. This was certainly a disappointment, and I left as one angry unvegan. I should have known better than to order the meatless breakfast, but I had no idea that it would turn out so poorly and leave me hungry for something so much better.