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Pour some salt on me!

Not too long ago, @estarla told me I had to check out Scoops Westside. This wasn’t just some random command, but a nudge to let me know that I’d be crazy to live in Palms and not go. I heard loud and clear and made sure to check it out. While only a few minute walk from Chego, Scoops is in an old corner strip with little else around. Nonetheless, I have never judged food based on what else nearby and the lack of interest nearby only made Scoops seem even more interesting.


Like a good local ice cream shop should be, Scoops changes up the menu daily and even has a chalk board for ice cream flavor suggestions. There wasn’t anything crazy on the menu when I went, aside from Rosemary Olive Oil. Nonetheless, there were certainly some unique flavors like Strawberry Tang, Taro, Red Velvet Oreo and Guiness. It was pretty exciting and after a generous number of tastings from reusable metal mini-spoons, I decided to go with Salted Oreo and Taro.

It was $3.50 for the two scoops and I could not have imagined a better way to spend that money. The Salted Oreo was a treat for the sweet and salty sections of my tongue, while the Taro was a nice mild complement to the rest. Scoops Westside is a big winner and a must-visit for anyone on the Westside. And this is coming from a guy who doesn’t even have a sweet tooth. You won’t regret it.