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Carnivorous Eating at Hough’s

Ugh pink stuff.
Ugh pink stuff.

Hough’s in Greenfield (pronounced huff’s for all yinz amateurs) is a pretty special place. In addition to having an awesome beer selection, they have a backroom that can be used to brew your own beer. Because, you know, hundreds of beers just aren’t enough. Yet, as much as I love beer, this is a meaty food blog, so let’s get down to the meat of the matter. Hough’s food menu is pretty short, mostly filled with burgers and sandwiches, and this is just fine by me. My group of friends gave me mixed reviews of their Smoked Reuben, so I took the burger route.

A Huge Sandwich at Big Jim’s

Size does matter.
Size does matter.

Despite Pittsburgh’s up-and-coming food scene, there are some spots that seem like they were here back when George Washington come here to save the world from Indians or something like that. One of these places is Big Jim’s in Greenfield, which has spared every expense at keeping up the place and instead invests in food. Like a lot of food.