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‘Miracle Mile’

Beef & Cheese at Top Round

I'm the new top of the round.
I’m the new top of the round.

Having kids must be tough. You raise them, do the best you can and at some point you let them go and hope for the best. Such was the feeling I had when leaving LA, knowing that I had played a vital role in the emergence of a pretty amazing food culture in just under five years of food blogging. But when I left, I have to admit I feared at least a small amount of anarchy to foment. Upon my return, however, I learned there was nothing to fear and I had clearly done a good job of setting the city up for the future. Case in point: Top Round.

A Bowl of Rice and Meat at Yuko Kitchen

What an appropriately named dish.

The Miracle Mile is often considered to be a culinary dead zone. In the beginning of the food truck explosion, the trucks took full advantage of the lack of good food to dish out grub to those hungry workers. So when I was meeting someone for dinner and they suggested Yuko Kitchen in the Miracle Mile, I was a little bit surprised. They knew I had a food blog, right? It turns out that yes, they did and they were more than a little concerned about what might happen after I got my hands…errr…chopsticks…on Yuko Kitchen’s food.

Grilled Cheese Night at Campanile (CLOSED)

Yes I would like some meat in my grilled cheese.

Every once in a while, my girlfriend likes to say how much she wants to go to Campanile for grilled cheese night. Of course, this night is only on Thursdays and whenever I ask what she wants to eat on a Thursday, she has no opinion. Finally, after talking about it so much, the two thought processes finally collided and we made our way to Campanile on an actual Thursday for their grilled cheese night.

Half Off at Luna Park

Three little piggies.

Apparently Henry’s Hat isn’t the only place that sends out half-price coupons. Luna Park, part of the same family with Henry’s Hat, also partakes in these amazing deals. So the last time Luna Park sent out an offer, we headed out to the Miracle Mile area to check out what Luna Park was all about.

The first thing I noticed on their menu was they had a beer called Skyscraper Bulldozer Honeyweizen. I was so excited to see this, since my favorite beer is Leinenkugel’s Honey Weiss, so I made sure to order this immediately. When I drank it, I was pretty happy. It’s a bit sweeter and thicker than Honey Weiss, but definitely a good choice since I can’t get that beer out here. Unfortunately, this is the only place I’ve ever seen that beer, so hopefully I’ll be able to find it again sometime.

The Man Eater at Baby’s Badass Burgers

The truck certainly stands out.

So, if you guessed that the second and last part of my meal was going to be from Baby’s Badass Burgers, you were correct. After the pastel from Bool BBQ whet my appetite, I moved from Brazilian to burgers.

Baby’s actually hit the streets a good while ago with a strong concept: Beautiful women bringing you burgers. With such a great concept, it is pretty remarkable that this truck has managed to evade the unvegan. Fortunately, this changed when I visited the modern food court at the Miracle Mile.

Getting Boolish at the Miracle Mile

Not just an imitator.

As a child, going to a food court to eat was just about the greatest thing to do. I could get fries with a taco, maybe throw a slice of pizza on there and top it all off with a root beer float. Sure, it wasn’t a healthy place, but I was a growing boy. Most food courts have lost their allure since then, but the new food truck craze has given my old love of food courts a grown-up spin. Apparently the Miracle Mile loads up with food trucks during lunch, so when I was finally able to get there, I wanted to take advantage. A few trucks that I had been to before were there, along with a regular taco truck that was either reaping the benefits of these newbies or losing a lot of business to shiny and newer trucks. For the first part of my modern food court meal, I decided to try out Bool BBQ.