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Food Trucking for Haiti

The Unvegan supports Haiti. With food!

As everyone knows, almost two weeks ago, Haiti was hit with a devastating earthquake. Other than donating by text message or contributing in other small ways, a bunch of the food trucks of LA banded together for a huge fundraiser at T-Lofts in West LA. I headed out there with a buddy on Saturday to check them all out and to do our part to help the Haitian cause.

After a week of rain, the clouds had broken for a beautiful day of truckery. There were a ton of trucks represented there, including many I have already reviewed. The Grilled Cheese Truck and Buttermilk Truck were by far the most popular trucks there, drawing huge lines that might be worth waiting in if there didn’t happen to be another 20 trucks with great food right next to them. Some other trucks there were the Nom Nom Truck, Flying Pig, South Philly Experience and Don Chow Tacos, who was sporting a stylish new paint job. You might think those trucks would be plenty to keep the fundraising masses happy, but you would be wrong. Rather than grabbing food from these trucks that I have already reviewed, I had the opportunity to try out three new trucks, which mostly left me satisfied. Check out those reviews here:

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And if you’re looking to donate to Haiti, text the word “Haiti” to 90999. It’s the easiest thing in the world to do and will automatically bill 10 bucks to your cell phone bill. The money goes to the Red Cross, so you know it’s good.

***Update: According to Lisa Redmond, one of the organizers, over 5,000 people attended and more than $7,000 were raised. Hooray for food trucks!