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Seems like it would be hard to drive with that sign...
Seems like it would be hard to drive with that sign…

Sometimes, following LA’s food trucks on Twitter can be a difficult process. If you don’t have a Twitter account or a smartphone, then it gets even harder (seriously, not having Twitter or a smartphone is soooo 2008). Luckily for those who fight the future of technology, there is a little event on the first Friday of every month on Abbot Kinney in Venice creatively called First Fridays. These nights are the best opportunity to experience LA’s food truck culture.

One truck I’ve been trying to find for a while happened to be there. It’s called South Philly Experience (SPE) and dishes out Philly Cheese Steaks, plus a couple other random East Coast faves like Tastykakes. The menu was as basic as you’d expect from a food truck, offering a couple varieties of sandwiches, but I only wanted the original. I ordered as specified on the menu, “witout” onions and “wit” Cheez Wiz, as I’ve heard the Wiz is Philly’s top choice for cheese steaks.

As noted on the truck, SPE gets their bread all the way from Philly to ensure they do these sandwiches right. Part of their plan seems to be a way to dish out authentic Philly Cheese Steaks on the West Coast, but it also seemed like they were looking for a way to get all the authentic ingredients so they could eat the real thing themselves. Nothing wrong with that, as I would love to bring some authentic Michigan food out to the West Coast for myself and to sell from a truck.

I could survive on cheese, meat and bread alone.
I could survive on cheese, meat and bread alone.

When my sandwich was given to me, it was wrapped in some paper dripping with Wiz and grease. Perfect. I ripped open the paper and dug in. This was a delicious blend of beef and cheese and bread. The beef was juicy and oh so flavorful. It probably would have been good enough on its own, but the Wiz made it even better. I downed it in as few bites as possible and despite the obvious caloric intake, I was ready for more.

This truck is definitely worth visiting. It’s a little pricier ($8.50 for a sandwich) than the average food truck, but well worth the price.