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Basic. Bitch.
Basic. Bitch.

It’s amazing that the sight of a new burger still excites me. It’s even more exciting when you consider that I had eaten burgers for my two prior meals before setting my sights on Belcampo at the Grand Central Market. Yet, the Belcampo Burger drew me in and the inevitability of another burger meal became apparent.

I should begin by noting that Belcampo is actually first and foremost a butcher shop. Bits and pieces of animal are on display, bringing forth my most caveman of desires for fresh meat. I knew that this burger, which at $12.50, was expensive for the Grand Central Market, would be one of the most fresh of my life. It came topped with white cheddar, house sauce, lettuce and caramelized onions all inside a bun that hovered at the edge of brioche and classic sesame seed. I ordered mine without the lettuce and onions and since this wasn’t fast food I waited a bit before being served a nicely wrapped package to bring to my table.

Perfect pink.
Perfect pink.

When I unwrapped it, I found a burger that looked both simple and perfect. With my first bite, I could tell that just like the bun, this burger straddled a delicate balance of classic and gourmet. Each element was classic, but with an upscale touch. The beef itself, though, was incredible. It had a perfect grind and tasted like a premium cut of beef. Moreover, it was cooked to a perfect medium rare with little-to-no seasonings allowing the flavor of the beef to dominate.

I’m not sure what more can be said about the Belcampo Burger except that it was a $12.50 well spent, making it obvious why Belcampo has butcher and restaurant locations up and down California these days.