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Quite Hungary at Maximillian’s (CLOSED)

Now that’s a schnitzel sandwich.

Since the US is a big mishmash of immigrants, it’s no secret that just about all of our food is “ethnic” in some way. Yet, there are some types of food that aren’t exactly easy to find. Hungarian is one of these and it’s really no surprise, considering that only .5% of the US population is Hungarian American. I’m not part of that .5%, but definitely feel a connection to Hungary through my Hungarian step-mom. So when I learned that there was a Hungarian restaurant called Maximillian’s quite literally a couple blocks from my office, I made my way there at my first opportunity.

Csardas Hungarian Restaurant (CLOSED)

Paprikash is dish best served without a pretty little pepper
Paprikash is dish best served without a fancy little pepper.

As we walked into Csardas around 7:30, we quickly realized we were the only patrons. It boggled my mind how a restaurant could be empty during peak times and still be in business, so I was a little worried about how the food would be.

Having grown up around Hungarian food, I scrutinized the menu, only to find a lack of cherry soup. I asked our waitress (who had an indistinguishable accent that most certainly was not Hungarian) and she told me they actually had the soup. That was a close call, but they passed the first test. To go with the soup, we ordered the Hungarian Appetizer Plate, which was said to come with home smoked sausage, winter salami, korozott (a sort of cheese spread) & liver mousse. All of these fit in perfectly to my unvegan diet. On top of that, I ordered Chicken Paprikash for my main dish.