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Meat: The Evolution Catalyst

Thank you meat for my brain.

We unvegans tend to think of vegans as less than human and although this typically stems from the fact that they don’t really eat human food, sometimes a study comes along and explains even more. According to a study of fossils in northern Kenya, the consumption of animals was a huge catalyst in changing us from silly primates to genius humans.

The Meat Myth

Yummy myth.

We live in a world full of myth. Some of these myths are awesome, like Greek myths. But some myths just plain suck. Like myths about meat. They are rampant and they turn know-nothing vegans into high and mighty zealots. Well, it’s time to kiss those myths goodbye, because I have uncovered a handy little article that should quiet them down.

Double Me Down!

I’ll take two.

Today, KFC has changed the face of food as we know it. For too long, the sandwich has been dominated by some sort of grain, but no longer are sandwiches to be oppressed by two slices of bread. On this fine day of April 12th, 2010, the sandwich has been liberated and that liberator is KFC’s Double Down.

Bacon Beats Sex


While on the subject of Canada, it seems that a new report from the Great White North has some interesting insight into the power of delicious meats. According to the study, 43% of Canadians prefer bacon to sex. Is Canadian sex that bad or is bacon that good? I like to think that bacon is just that good.


unvegan ironworkzI really have no idea where this video came from, although I do believe there is a British accent involved. Nonetheless, this awesome video features a faux band called IronWorkz and this band helps tell the tale of why red meat is so important to the diet. It’s refreshing to see an entertaining ad like this in a world flooded with tasteless and really unfunny PETA ads. Check it out below, and be entertained.