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Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

Not too far off...
Not too far off...

We’ve all heard about pitcher plants and Venus fly traps; carnivorous plants that trap insects and sometimes bigger animals to get their nutrients. Most vegetarians probably don’t concern themselves with these plants since they would never consider eating them. But what if they were to find out that some of their beloved vegetables were responsible for the deaths of animals?

Jia: Unvegan Hero

Just so meaty.
Just so meaty.

I really don’t know what this girl’s last name is, but I know she is awesome. How do I know? Because she made a friggin’ dress out of meat. And not just any meat: salami! Oh and bacon.

Apparently she did this for an Aqua Teen Hunger Force party and was supposed to be the shapeless (and hilarious) lump of meat known as Meatwad.

The dress itself isn’t exactly shapeless and looks good enough to eat. Check out all the pictures here.

And Meat is Still Safe

Worried about cancer? Increase in cancer patients got you down? Well, now there is some good news for you meat eaters out there.

According to a recent study in the International Journal of Cancer, meat has no relation to breast cancer, so patients that are at home with HCA from can enjoy meat. It doesn’t matter what meat you’re eating, the quantities or really anything. If you are a meat-eater, you can rest assured that the food in your body will play no part in causing you breast cancer. Hooray for meat!

(via Calorie Lab)

Get Your Meat Stickers!

They look good enough to eat.
They look good enough to eat.

I just discovered these on I’m not really sure how long they’ve existed, but I guarantee you it hasn’t been long enough.

With these stickers, you can be reminded of meat and all of it’s glory at all times. The only downside is that they’ll be a constant reminder that you’re not actually eating meat. The upside is that they’ll never go bad if they’re left out of the fridge for too long.

Now they just need to come up with some scratch ‘n sniff.

Oh, the Importance of Meat

Fight for Meat!
Fight for Meat!

Serious Eats just ran an article about the interesting propaganda posters from the World Wars, which I found quite interesting. In particular, I was impressed by their attempt to convince the American civilians to curb their meat intake.

Eating meat was far more important for soldiers out there saving the world than for regular people. Had I been around back then and not already involved in the war, I probably would have enlisted just to get my hands on that good old American meat. If it wasn’t for our army and allies eating meat, the outcome of the World Wars may have been disastrous. Thanks meat!

(via Serious Eats)

Infected Mushroom: Unvegan Heroes

When looking for this song online, I have to say I was quite disappointed to find no official music video and only a couple really uncomfortable home-made music videos. Oh well, at least we have the song to listen to.

Now, Infected Mushroom isn’t the kind of music my unvegan ears usually listen to. The Israeli duo makes some incredibly psychadelic tunes, and that’s not typically my style. Nonetheless, I must give this band credit where it is due.

First off, the band’s name, Infected Mushrooms, conveys the sense of hatred I have for mushrooms. In my mind, all mushrooms are infected, because they infect my unvegan tastebuds with an unsettling taste.

Darius Dugger: Unvegan Hero

Would you accept pickles from this man?
Would you accept pickles from this man?

Whenever I go to Burger King, I make sure to order without any vegetables. Today a friend of mine told me that I am not alone. A man named Darius Dugger has a lawsuit claiming that he ordered a meal without pickles, onions and tomatoes and Burger King failed to give it to him his way.

According to, Dugger had a “severe allergic reaction” to the vegetables. Now I’m not in favor of suing a corporation over an incident like this, especially when he should have looked between the patties before biting in, however, I am proud of him for bringing the incident to national attention.

Support Pork Week

Now that we have recovered from the paranoia surrounding the Swine Flu, it’s time to re-embrace those unkosher animals that caused the whole media event in the first place. Enter Support Pork Week, an idea proposed by Indrani Sen of the New York Times. Rather than avoiding one of the great meats of the world, we should make up for lost time and support the other white meat. From bacon to salami to shoulder, let’s all jump back on the pork wagon and celebrate surviving the first pandemic of 2009.

unvegan someecards

(via NY Times)